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da claws in the back tho

I don’t understand why somebody decided this was an attractive thing to have people do

Look at the rest of their bodies and then the hands, why oh why

but balanchine hands are perfect for the halloween season guys

they’re here to rip out the throats of all who oppose them

so basically all of ballet tumblr will be dead

I’m so tired of tumblr ripping on Balanchine style!! Like guys seriously just accept that it’s different than the Russian style. But please note that they are still exquisite dancers and can dance roles in a way that a Russian cannot. Yes the claw hand may seem unattractive in a picture like this, but when you see it in action it looks no different. I’m just tired of Balanchine style ballet not being appreciated on this website is basically what’s going on here.

(Source: kingdomoftheballerino)

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